Snakes around

  01 February 2013

Imagine you are surrounded by snakes. What if you don't have awareness?  Imagine what kind of an awareness should have when you area surrounded by poisons snakes.  You have to be in alert and as soon as you get a chance you have to escape from the place you trapped.  If not you will get hurt by those poisons snakes and either you will die or you will end up with such a suffering. 

So apply this example to your discussions.  When you happen to talk about above subjects, which brings no peace to your mind or others mind, be in alert and compare the subject in to the poisons snakes.  Then wait for a chance… as soon as you get a chance you change the topic or you can leave the place.  If it is difficult to leave or change the topic then you look in to your mind and remain silent or if possible show them that you don't like the subject. 

If that is also not work think how these subjects can really harmful to you by improving desire, hatred & ignorance and who dhamma is really helpful for you to be in safe from these poisons subjects… etc… in another way kind of analyzing the moment you are in.  This way even a lay person can guide themselves to a disciplined life which is ends up with true happiness.  This is possible and I do know because I practice like this way.

Imaging how the defilement of chit chatting, jabbering goes away from us through the understanding.  As long as those topics are with  us to discuss this defilement also arise… so when one realize this even when that person cannot ignore the chit chatting for the sake of society and worldly activities that one will have an proper awareness of what do, and speak and think.  So as soon as times come will be easy to drop the subject and get rid of them.