what a waste of time

  01 February 2013

Think about the other topics as the same way.  Armies, Alarms, Battles, Food, Drink, Clothing, Sleeping & staying places, Flowers & Garlands, Scents, Relatives, Vehicles, Villages, Various rural areas streets, Towns, cities, Countryside, Women, Heroes, Street, Well, Tales of the dead, Tales of diversity, The creation of the world, The sea, Talk of whether things exist or not... etc... etc...


When we have fear of losing we arrange army to fight for what we desire and the war begins.  Even when we talk about these subjects our ignorance works at its best and may guide you to arrange army or entitle with a war.  Or the fear may arise, likewise not supportive at all for the peace of our mind. 

Food, drinks, cloths, place for sleep these are the basic needs.  There should be a limit which we discuss about these topics.  Think about yourself, how many times you just talk about the things you used to eat or like to eat or drink… or about cloths etc… we talk about these basics needs beyond the limits just because we find entertainment through talking about these things. 

We also like to see the gossip about these things which others like and not like… etc… these are our basics needs and we should eat because we should live, and there is no option for that.  We should drink or wear something to close our shameful body parts and a place to sleep or stay.  These are the basics needs for all of us.  What if we start talking about these subjects again & again?

We eat when we feel hungry, we drink when we feel thirsty, we wear cloths to protect ourselves from various reasons and we find a place to sleep when we feel tired.  We do act according to the need.  Then what is there to talk about all the time?  We don't eat to entertain ourselves.  If we eat to entertain our self through the food then we have lot of things to talk about food. 

What are they?  We talk about the look / appearance of the food, fragrances of the food, sound of the food (crispy food), tastes of the food, various pleasant touches of the food and what kind of feeling such a food gives to the mind.  Well now think about the times when we discuss about food, drinks, and cloths & place we live to sleep or stay through these subjects?  I think you are wise enough to understand now how the discussion can lead you to improve your desires, hatred & ignorance.