Talk with awarenss

  01 February 2013

And also there is another point about these hungry ghosts or about other various topics or about endless universe or about endless oceans or about birth to births… that we don't know much about these topics.  What we know is the data which we grab through our 5 senses which can be nothing but illusions.  So if we talk about these subjects that actually we know nothing about exactly… it's just a waste of time. 

So, now you know what the subjects are which are not suitable to talk.  So always when you talk concentrate on the subject you talk, think why you talk about this, and what is the purpose of talking that subject, is it improving your desire?  Is it helpful for hatred?  How the subject guide you to be stress & restlessness etc... Think… think… and think before you talk… and be wise enough to have a peaceful mind by without collecting garbage in to your head.

When you talk, using internet or entitle with other works you can be careful about what you talk.  They you must be thinking as a lay person how difficult are to get rid of these things.  Yes it is difficult indeed.  But again it is all up to our own self right? 

If you are someone who sells the vehicles or entitle with vehicle job then of course you have to talk about the topic.  What really matters is how mindfulness you are on what you are doing.  You have to be very careful and should have full awareness to identify the words you are talking. 

If the subject guides you to increase the desire on same subject then you have to know that this is the limit and I should do something for this… and if the subject guide to the hatred you have to wise enough to get rid of it.  Likewise the awareness is a must when we start on these subjects as a lay person.