Accused & Judged by Knowledge!

So, as we discussed in the first important fact which we should have a purpose to have Buddhism in our life… I would like to continue discussing something related to the same topics. In here we are going to talk little deeper in to the matter of accusing or praising Buddhism as a religion.

Accused & Judged by Knowledge!

  06 May 2012

So, when it comes to the Buddhism, it seems most of the people accuse or praise Buddhism actually without a proper base.  Actually, this is not only for Buddhism as a religion in fact every other religion or belief have the same problem. 

All the accusation or praises are most of the time based on their own version of Buddhism or the other belief. 

Without even touching the essences of any of these teachings people praise them… believe them… follow them at the same time accuse them… insult them… criticize them… so & so.

In here let’s concentrate to talk about the reasons behind all these issues with Buddhism.  Because it’s just, I believe something highly important for you to know all these things before you go ahead & explore Buddhism. 

As we already discussed in the first topic first of all you should identify your very own purpose to touch the essence of Buddhism.  It’s simple, if you don’t have your own purpose, you will end up with these results.

If you go through all kind of accusation of Buddhism you will see that they all are based on the knowledge they gain about Buddhism.   Sometimes it’s about the life of Buddha… sometimes it’s about the traditions of Buddhism… or sometimes it’s about the major schools of Buddhism like Theravada or Mahayana or Vjrayana… or sometimes it’s about the meditation practices… or sometimes it’s about the teaching they believed as the Buddhist teaching. 

Sometimes we just have to use some terms and words to identify things.  But we shouldn’t judge it through the term we use to describe it.  This is what happening with Buddhism too. 

When we use the term of teaching… we judge it so quickly as a teaching and we are trying to learn that teaching… The problem with Buddhism is that it cannot be teach by someone… it cannot even teach by Great Lord Buddha himself. 

Actually, even calling Buddhism as a teaching is not fair at all too.   Because it is not a teaching… but as we can’t express the real meaning or feeling of “love” same way we can’t express the real meaning of Buddhist essence of pure Dhamma. as long as you touch it by your own self. 

As long as you can’t describe the taste of something until you taste it for yourself… the Dhamma has the same problem.