Are you a Believer?

This is a very important point. This is also highlighted in Samma Sambuddha’s life too. But the readers of Pali canon missing this highlighted point and keep misleading with them just believing or accepting things. This is also again connect with the previously discussed topic!

Are you a Believer?

  05 May 2012

Most of the time… when Samma Sambuddha said something or explain something to someone who just listen to him… the blessed one used to ask “do you believe just because I said it to you? … Or do you get the point what I just explained… do you realize this by your own wisdom?”

The blessed one asked this always… NOT because he didn’t know that they actually realized not … or just believed in him… The Samma Sambuddha just wanted to highlight this point.  Coz this is very very very important fact for your liberation!

So, it’s simple find your own question… dig to your own self and find your own problem which you need to have an answer… only thing is whatever you identify, has to be related to your own self!

It can be boredom… it can be unsatisfactory feelings… it can be of course mentally or physically suffering… it can be curiosity of finding about what you experience… anything which related to you… anything which the answer is going to touch you directly & deeply.

It should be something personal… Coz I find some people looking for answers about universe… how the things created… who is the boss of the universe… etc… etc… these seems like your own questions… but they are not related to you… they just look like related to you… but in reality, they aren’t.   They are just good for knowledge but not so supportive to your liberation unless you fed up by that research!

So even if the Buddhism has answers to all these things you are not going to believe in them or either you are just accepting and believing them… because these are not related to you… you won’t feel anything or realize to your own self… these are just knowledge as you are an outsider for the question you just collect knowledge.  They will just guide you to become a believer or non-believer.

You are not supposed to believe anything just because Lord Samma Sambuddha or other religious teachers are known to be superior to us.  Their real superiority will be touched by us when we actually realized what they have explain as a teaching.  That’s not going to happen if we are going with what we believe. 

So, make sure not to be a believer or non-believer! You know what I meant!