Want to Follow?

As every religion have this word call “Follower” we are trying to become a follower. We like to become a good follower. Faithful follower. Let’s find out is this the best option!

Want to Follow?

  06 May 2012

Sometimes people follow what others do… or people like to follow which recommended by many people.  Especially if the recommendations come with the scholars or diplomatist like recognize characters’ people love to follow their recommendations.  

But following also can be define as that there are lesser chance of using our own thinking abilities.  Coz at the very beginning, what we do is, that we close our mind by thinking of someone to be followed or something to be followed!

Our thinking become their thinking.   At the end, we think like someone else and forget to experience our own identity.  Well, this is not Buddhism, coz, it’s all about self-exploration not adopting someone else or something else as a follower.     

Then all the other thinking lines up according to that frame and no matter how hard we believe that we are using our wisdom but still we ended up following someone or something quite like blindly. 

So, your reason shouldn’t be based on following something or someone.  If that happened, you won’t end up by experience the peace or the enlightenment but with some more problems than a solution for sure.

So, in Buddhism there are no followers.  Of course, the "word" is there to label the person who open their mind for the pure Dhamma as a follower of Buddhism or Lord Samma Sambuddha.  But in actual it doesn’t mean they are following something or someone.  That’s the freedom!  It’s all about liberation! 

So, you have to decide whether you want to become a follower or liberate from this agitated mind which always asking to follow something or someone!