Identifying the Real Purpose!

If I ask you why you are here … reading this site… or showing interest on Buddhism, it’s important to have an answer with you. It’s not always necessary to tell the other people the exact reason. But you should have aware of your own reasons to have Buddhism in your life!

Identifying the Real Purpose!

  04 May 2012

What are you going to do with Buddhism… or these things written here… or the things you listening as Buddhist teachings?  

As you already know Buddhism is just not a religion filled with spiritual actions.  It’s not similar to anything at all in this world.  That’s the essence actually.  But those who couldn’t touch this essence makes it looks like something we already know.

There are 2 main points which actually I find equally important for you to understand first.  But it’s so obvious that one thing has to be firstly describe. 

So let’s go for a one of them. One important fact that you should know before jump in to the Buddhism is, that you should “Identify the real purpose” of having this for you.

Next is the “Pure Listening” based on these facts we need to discuss few things further. 

What is your purpose of having Buddhism in your life? Or showing interest to know about Buddhism?  What is the purpose of your own?

Ask now… yes… now… now is the right moment… So, what is it?

Is it for a degree? Or write a book? Or to learn about meditation? Or just curious to know what all about is? Or just interest on Lord Buddha or… you wish to have a comparison between each religion and believes?  What is your real purpose…?

If it is one of these things or something similar to them…  I am sorry you won’t be able to touch the essence of Buddhism as long as you have these kind of purposes…

Let’s find out why?

These two main facts are explain under various topics and hope you will be able to understand the essence of them!