If the reason is to study!

Many try to learn Buddhism by believing that will guide them to the ultimate results which express in the Buddhism. But is it possible? Is it something to learn & practice? Let's find out!

If the reason is to study!

  04 May 2012

If this is just another subject for you to study? Then I’m afraid that you won’t be able to touch the essence of Buddhism. But you can surely have ended up with loads & loads of data which make you & others around you feels like that you know Buddhism!

But in reality, you have no clue of Buddhism or its deep teaching.  And also, there will be no any results for yourself to experience as the peace or enlightenment. 

So, through my experiences all I know is that the pure deep Buddhist teachings are cannot be study or learned or even teach.  That’s why even Samma Sambuddha used the word “Friend” instead of “Teacher” for himself and asked to make the Dhamma as its own teacher. 

There is a huge different between a friend & a teacher.  While teacher is trying to teach something, a friend tries to share something through their own personal experiences. 

Friends asked to try it and see whether its suits you… while teacher is asked to learn the teacher’s method.  So, if you really want to experience the deep pure Buddhist teachings, the reason cannot be just to study it as a subject.  You will never able to touch the essence in that way.