Idea is to become Religious?

Some of us like to be Religious or Spiritual beings. Is Buddhism being a perfect religion for that? Let’s see.

Idea is to become Religious?

  05 May 2012

Well if your reason to be with Buddhism is all about to have a religion in your life, then my friend definitely it’s cannot be the pure Buddhism you seek. 

There is a religion named Buddhism.  It’s quite look alike… And duplicated from the original with various unrelated additions to it. 

So, if you are in search of the ultimate result of enlightenment by being religious or spiritual then you can’t do both at the same time!  Defiantly you won’t get the outcome you seek through a religion through the pure Buddhism or even the duplicate.  

Because even the duplicate doesn’t have the qualities of a religion and same time it fails to share the original as it is a duplicate.  So, my personal feelings are that this is actually a threat to the original deep teachings.  As well as to yourself. 

Because many mislead with the duplicate and not even closer to the original.  And that’s not the real issue.  That real issue is people expecting the same results of original teaching from this duplicate religion concept of Buddhism. 

When they don’t get the result, they blame to the original.  Coz people don’t see the difference or what’s going on with these two.

So, if you need a religion, there are chances of having loads of disappointments with the Buddhism as A RELIGION. 

But the deep pure Buddhist teachings is not a disappointment… nor will it disappoint you when you touch it right. 

This is why you need to have the proper question, proper reason for yourself to find the answer through Buddhism!

Remember Pure Buddhism is not to become someone… someone religious… or someone spiritual… or some who meditate… it will make you no one!