It’s simple… Ask yourself!

I can create pages and pages with regards to this topic. But there is no use. Because that means again there are chances that you are going to adopt what I shared here. So, find your own reason. Understand the reason & the real problem within!

It’s simple… Ask yourself!

  05 May 2012

As you already know, The Buddhism is to search our own self.  Its psychology… it’s a science… There is no use of using it to find out the outer things.  Because if you start from the outside you will definitely miss the inner world. So, make sure you are applying all these for your own self.  Your inner world.  Then you can know the outer world as well without a less. 

As you see, if you need to apply something for your inner world, then you must have a reason for that.  If there is no reason there will be no application and when there is no application there will be no results. 

In Samma Sambuddha’s time period people wasn’t visiting him for lecturers.  Those who have problems… those who thought there is something wrong with self… or the world they experience from their perceptions… those who found that there are questions arising about their current practicing methods or their religions… those who identified that there is a serious case with their level of anger or desires… These are the one who went for Samma Sambuddha by looking for an answer. 

As you see these are always related to their own problems.  Their own mind… these problems were never based on just collecting data or just knowing what Buddhism is all about.  Because on that time the word “Buddhism” wasn’t there.  There weren’t any written scriptures to learn about Samma Sambuddha’s words.  So, it was direct and effective. 

There were some people on that time too who just went for arguments over outside things.  Because they felt this is just another view of Samma Sambuddha.  So, they found contradiction with their own views and they wanted to prove who is right & who is wrong. 

As you see in this kind of case such people doesn’t have any reason or question or serious problem which they seek for a solution.  Those people just believe their view is the perfect and they don’t see any problem of it.  So, if there is no problem you actually don’t need an answer.  Do you? 

So, just chill… until you find your own reason to have some solution for your life.  Then you will surely get something better and unique from Buddhism. 

Until then these are just bunch of words…and I am just kind of a talking parrot for you who can make you entertain according to your own perceptions!