Don’t do it forcefully!

So, it’s highly important to identify your purpose of having Buddhism in to your life… Otherwise you are just wasting your time… coz the knowledge or some meditation experiences are not going to let you touch the real essence of Buddhism. If you believe so, you are misleading your own self.

Don’t do it forcefully!

  05 May 2012

If you don’t have any of your own problem… if you are happy with the system… then carry on with what you are happy with… no need to rush or push yourself to something seems promising… something which others believe in… coz if then either you will end up believing this with them… or ignoring this as it is not your cup of tea!

And even in Nirvana Dhamma web site you won’t get encourage to waste your time.  I’ll share where to look but not what to look… because Buddhism can’t teach… it’s within you… you just have to find out for your own self… no one can explain what it is for you unless you see it for yourself… Good luck with your search!

So, you may find what I share here quite supportive… Use them to start your own journey… Just remember it’s all about realizing something which you have never heard before… just experience the unheard hidden unknown things about your own self… then you will know the real meaning of believing!

And if you feel like it’s worthy to spend few time on listening or browsing the pages, go ahead with the next chapters…  Remember Don’t Believe me! Don’t accept or don’t ignore what I share in here!  Everything shared here will be just supporting tools for you… this is not the Dhamma… this is just a map for you to find pure Dhamma within you!  Coz pure essence of Buddhism cannot be taught!