listen to the speaker?

What we are talking about here is the correct listening which needed for the liberation. So, in that case not listening to the person is important too!

listen to the speaker?

  05 May 2012

Just do not listen to the speaker! What happen when you are listening to me…? I mean to the person…? To the speaker? 

Your mind keep thinking about the speaker… you might wonder why I should listen to some Asian whom I don’t even know… or you might be thinking what kind of a person I am or how I look like or what I explain here is correct or not… etc… etc… basically which are anything related to the speaker.

Or if you already know the speaker, all the knowledge you know about the speaker will flow out and start your own channel.  According to our example of listening to a very new recipe, this is what we call about the fondness of the chef. 

If you are fond of the chef who explain it to you… what you think what will happen in your mind… no matter what kind of crap he makes you will believe in it… you will accept it as it is… also at the same time you won’t be focusing on the recipe too… so there are chances of cooking something else instead of something the chef explains to you.

So, don’t listen to the speaker… just focus on contents. 

In that way, you won’t get any kind of attachments to the speaker too… the attachments of liking to the speaker… or disliking the speaker.

Basically, blank your mind like an empty cup… then let it filled with the meaning hidden in the words.   The idea behind of what you listen… just let it happen … don’t do anything forcefully… no data processing should go on while listening… in that way you can experience the real essence of what you are listening to. 

So, don’t listen to me… or don’t listen to anyone at all… just listen to the content… and then you can be heard the unheard… you can experience the totally new experience which you never had before… and remember don’t just believe me in here too… Just try it for yourself and experience the difference!