Buddhism is for whom?

  12 January 2012

Buddhism is for whom? Copyright Claims

As you already know many believes Buddhism as a religion. Then teamed up to follow the rituals and little bit of basic teachings. Unfortunately this idea of turning the Buddhism in to a religion spreading so fast like a virus.

Those who effected with that virus, fight for the numbers and insults the other religions. But the truth is that for the Buddhism, there is no competition at all with the other beliefs. Because it’s something psychological… something scientific… something very… very… different from all the other teachings.

I believe there is no point of explaining this in details… because it is something you can experience by yourself. Because no matter how true is that, until someone experience the real benefits by him or herself they won’t believe on it.

So, as you can see “Nirvana Dhamma” web site itself has many sections for everyone. You get loads of opportunities to find out whether it is worthy to fear for Buddhism or ignore it by thinking that it is just another religion.

Watch this related section for the topic and experience the answer in a different manner. Videos… Pictures… also the other related sections… be with pure Buddhist Teachings which has something better for everyone… It’s all yours to explore… Then you will understand Buddhism is actually for whom and who can be benefits through this noble teachings!