What's wrong with Modern Buddhists?

  01 January 2012

What's wrong with Modern Buddhists? Copyright Claims

Unfortunately nowadays, Buddhism also become just one of common religion which concentrate on bundle of rituals and praying system rather than concentrating on the pure deep teachings of Lord Buddha.

As a results so called Buddhists also try to borrow solutions from outside which is temporary. They also fails to see their own agitated minds.

Even though other beliefs are also so promising and indeed giving some kind of solutions and some sort of happiness and peace to the life we should find out a real solution. With lots of respect to each of the belief, we should think about more deeply in to the matter. We should find out whether we are actually mentally ill or not.

These all believing systems including the modern Buddhism which lost its deeper meanings are providing nothing but temporary solutions and not the real solution. As the real reason for the problem is invisible to an outsider they can’t provide a solution which gives us total happiness and peace.

So, as bundle of beings who again seek the happiness from Lord Buddha or from the followers of Buddhism can’t achieve the real fruit of deep teachings. They just seek again a temporary solution to the life.

That’s the main reason behind for the current unhappy frustrated situation of so called Buddhists. Not only for Buddhists but most of the other believers are also not so really familiar with what they believe in… So, it’s time to realize the actual results of this noble teaching without any delay.

Main idea of this web site is to present the pure deep teachings of Lord Buddha. This is for those who seek the true happiness. Lord Buddha always said come and realize by your own self without depending on others. So this web site & the blog is basically inviting you to use your own wisdom to find out what really goes on you and the true nature of yourself and your own mind.

If you wish to find your own self and to investigate your own mind by understanding the pure Buddhism be open minded and be wise to recognize what is best for yourself! Good luck and may triple gem bless you for the best!!!

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