Does Buddhism have scriptures or sacred books?

  07 January 2012

Does Buddhism have scriptures or sacred books? Copyright Claims

Yes, Buddhist teachings are basically written in a set of books call “Pali Canon”. The commonly known as “Tipitaka / Tripitaka”.

The meaning is; “Ti / Tri = Three + Pitaka = Baskets” so the “Tipitaka” mean the “Three Baskets”.

What are they?

  1. Vinaya Pitaka
  2. Sutta Pitaka
  3. Abhidhamma Pitaka

Visit the “Tripitaka Search & Download” Section to explore deep in to these scriptures.

The most important thing you should aware is that Buddhism is not just these 3 books. In fact it is not to be identify as just written subject. It is something to realize… realize through your own wisdom & experiences…

I would say the common senses are bit difficult to write down… it’s comes with the wisdom. When someone just stick to the worldly standard like words & languages and experience the world through only 5 senses that one lose the ability of seeing the truth. Even it is everywhere… even it is with own self… he / she fails to experience the truth.

That’s why you shouldn’t stick to the scriptures or something comes from a long time back. Even you see that many believes on something you shouldn’t accept or ignore at once without examine.

Failing to use common sense made a huge mistake to the Buddhism too. Currently the whole doctrine is misunderstood with loads of simple meanings which are so common.   Most of them become just bunch of words with really simple meaning where the real path & practices are missing behind the texts.

That’s one main reason behind this effort of us to give this web site & blog to you with the hidden deep meanings and how they allows you to attain the Nirvãna.  The Dhamma the pure teaching of Buddhism is everywhere… it is hidden in the scripture too… let’s explore them.

As the last word I would say the Buddhism or its teaching is not possible to write down in few books like it already has. There are lot more where we can write down if we do so.

So, be familiar with the doctrine… learn it… explore it… but do not clinging to the doctrine. Do not follow it blindly… That’s the advice of Lord Buddha. This has given as an advice in many times and you can find them in the Sutta Pitaka.

Then again you must not believe on that advice just because it is written in the doctrine. When you are in real practice with real understanding, you can see that this is indeed correct and how terribly one can misguided if one do so.

So, doctrine is there to use… and get the maximum support you can get for your own awakening.   Not to clinging to the words but to examine the deepest meaning and realize them through your own wisdom!

Even in “Nirvana Dhamma” web site & the blog is giving you loads of opportunities to refer everything as much as possible to explore the real Buddhism / the pure deep Dhamma for Nirvana!