What it feels like to be enlighten?

  01 January 2012

What it feels like to be enlighten? Copyright Claims

The “Enlightenment / Awakening / Nirvãna / Nibbãna” is where all the suffering ends… where all the stresses ends… where all the dissatisfaction ends… where all the egos are ends… where all the search ends… where the truth exists… where pure happiness exists… where real peace exists… where true love exists… where finally you experience the real “you”, call “I” !!!

The fantastic point of the path is that you can experience all these things throughout your journey from the very beginning. Once wisdom complete the full bliss is totally with you!

But most importantly the journey can be an instant, a day, a week, a month, a year or can be a lifetime, it’s depend with how wisely you deals with the awareness. It depend with how wisely you realize the deep teachings.

The Lord Buddha explained “Enlightenment / Awakening / Nirvãna / Nibbãna” as “the Supreme Refuge”, “the Deathless State”, “the Highest Happiness”, “the Unconditioned”, “the Unborn”, “The Peace”, “The Liberation” and “The Deliverance”… etc…

It’s also very important to be understood that the enlightenment is not a heaven or paradise or any other unseen supernatural place. In fact, Nirvana is not a place at all.

If we must define this awakening stage of mind, then it would be more accurate to speak of Nirvana as a state of neutralized mind. It’s kind of an Unconditioned State, or the State of Peace where no dualism arise. There is only absolutism!

So let’s awake!!! Then the more you awake you will realize how deeply sleeping you are…and dreaming!!! The more you awake you will defiantly realize what exactly this “Enlightenment / Awakening / Nirvãna / Nibbãna” is!!!

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