What is the Enlightenment?

  01 January 2012

What is the Enlightenment? Copyright Claims

The Enlightenment also, most commonly known as “Nirvãna”, “Nibbãna”. The meaning of “Nirvãna, Nibbãna” is that “Getting rid from the knots which are binding to the existence where there suffering exists”.

In another words it’s like breaking the illusion which we are unknowingly trapped in. It’s also gives the meaning of cooling… as you know quenching a thirst… or cooling which something is burning… etc…

In English the enlightenment also known as “The Awakening”. I would say the exact meaning of the whole word is there. That you will know when the real understanding arise within yourself.

Let’s see with a popular saying “how do you know that you are dreaming or sleeping unless you never awaken?” This it… that’s what we are explaining in Buddhism.  

The Buddhism / The Buddhist teachings also named as “Dhamma” or “Dharmã” mainly pointing out what we are still not aware of. The missing point about our own self. It is showing that we are sleeping even though we don’t realize it and basically it is showing the path of awakening.

The main problem is this “Nirvãna, Nibbãna/ the enlightenment” is that the explanation or meaning of it is just beyond the capacity of worldly words or other methods.

It is something like love. The love is experience and understand and never can be converted into the words. If write about it we can write many ways to experience the true love but never really able to write down about the exact feeling of love through the words.

Likewise the “Enlightenment / Awakening / Nirvãna / Nibbãna” is something which you should realize by your own self.

The Buddhism is the guidance, the path for it. It’s kind of map where to begin and what you will experience in each point and what will be you final destination is.

The map is given by someone who already experience the Enlightenment. Someone who already awakened in his life time, not after the death.

So it is possible for you & me to experience this eternal bliss of enlightenment in this life itself. It is not something we experience after the death as I explain in the previous article too.  Have a blessed time exploring the enlightenment hidden in you!

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