What Buddhism ask you to do?

  02 January 2012

What Buddhism ask you to do? Copyright Claims

Buddhism doesn’t ask you to believe or pray on any person or unseen beings to solve your problems. The teacher of Buddhism is call Lord Buddha. Also known as Thathagatha, Gautham Buddha, Samma Sambuddha.

The Blessed one, has given a method to find the true nature of our own self and how we created all our problem unknowingly by our own selves.   Then all he asked us to do is solve our own problem and become our own savior without depending on an outsider.

Lord Buddha’s teaching shows you is the nature of human and the capacity of the human mind. When you study true Buddhism which also known as Dhamma, you learn what you are and how to develop further, instead of emphasizing some kind of supernatural belief system. Buddhist methods teach you to develop a deep understanding of yourself and all other phenomena.

Most of the religions are popular just because they passing the responsibility over to someone else and depending on some outsider to solve your problems. It’s seems to be many people like to be controlled and depending on an unseen super natural being rather than taking the responsibility on their own faults.

Unlike the many other religions or believes, the Buddhism is totally encouraging us to realize our own selves and how we have to take the responsibility of our own problems also the solution by our own self without passing responsibility to the blessed ones whom we call our noble teachers.

So basically it’s a lot of work to be done by our own self and we are just guided with the instructions by Lord Buddha. The Blessed one said, if we are the real creators of our own problems then no one else can provide the real solution and save us from this agony.

If you do not investigate your own mind with reflective knowledge and wisdom which I would say “common sense”, you will never see what’s in there. Without checking, no matter how much you talk about your mind and your emotions, you’ll never really understand that your basic emotion is egocentricity - selfishness, and that this is what’s making you restless.

So, Buddhism is a simple yet deep teaching which allows to self-explore and guide you to become a fearless, ego-less peaceful and of course one with true happiness!

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