What is Buddhism?

  01 January 2012

What is Buddhism? Copyright Claims

There are many religion in this world. Different people have different opinion on each religion. People expect some kind of relief to their restless lives through the religion. Everybody seek happiness. East, West, Deaf or Hearing people, everybody just want to be happy all the time. But sadly that’s not quite possible and no one is fully satisfied. Everyone hunger for the happiness from their mind.

So, to get rid from that unsatisfactory feeling people seek for a solution through the religions. Some finds some temporary relief through the God or through what they believe. And some find all religions are useless. So there are people who doesn’t believe in God or any religion at all.   Doesn’t matter… that’s the beauty of this world. Everyone has their own right to follow on what they believe.

So in here we are basically giving a chance to find out about another popular philosophical teaching call “Buddhism”. Although this is popular as a religion it is not a religion as in common terms. It’s a way of living the life with true satisfaction and real happiness. It’s kind of a psychological method which heal the mind from unsatisfactory feelings, restlessness, stress and all kind of mental & physical suffering.

It is knowing your own mind…

Whether you are religious or a materialist, a believer or an atheist, it is crucial that you know how your own mind works. If you don’t, you’ll go around thinking you’re healthy, when in reality, you are mentally ill. In another way the true cause of all psychological disease is there and growing within you. Because we are passionate with the sense world and blinded by attachments without knowing the nature of our own mind.

The beauty of the Buddhism is that it is not promising you to believe on something which you are going to experience after death. This teaching doesn’t guide you to follow a person or unseen supernatural status blindly. Its talk about the problems we already have and the real reasons which creating our problems.

And most importantly it’s talk about a solution for our all kind of problems and the path to solve all our problem completely in this life itself. In simple words, Buddhism encourage you to experiment through our own wisdom rather than some dogmatic / narrow view.

So, Buddhism is basically the theory of everything, which is practical and bring instant results to life!

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