Is Buddhism only talks about suffering?

  16 January 2012

Is Buddhism only talks about suffering? Copyright Claims

Buddhist teachings are highly popular as a negative teaching which talks about suffering only. And most of the people who doesn’t believe that they are suffering doesn’t even like to know about Buddhism as they find it is irrelevant to them.

The Pure Buddhism actually talks about the happiness. The great Samma Sambuddha commonly known as the Lord Buddha, explained about the unsatisfactory feelings which cause to restlessness, stress, anger, and many kind of suffering in our lives and the real reason for them to arise within. Without talking about the problem or knowing about the problem, how we exactly find the real solution for it?  

So, yes Buddhist teaching is ALSO talking about suffering. But unfortunately the “Suffering” is misinterpret as the commonly known few incidents which are not deep enough to find a real solution. So “Nirvana Dhamma” will support you to find out the real suffering or unsatisfactory feelings which Samma Sambuddha explained as the deep teachings. They are deeper than you imagine. They are challenging than you expected.  They are mind-blowing than you thought...

Then, pure teachings is mainly based on the Happiness. It is actually talking about a method of having the real happiness while we are alive. And last forever even after death. A happiness which is not conditioned. A pure happiness where pure joy & peace last in the mind.

So, there is no need of promotion to prove what real Buddhist Teaching is... As a wise human being explore it by your own self. I’ll provide the deep teachings for you information and when you experience them within you will realize what I meant!

Be Brave, Be wise & Be open minded human being!