Do I have to go to a forest or monastery?

  10 January 2012

Do I have to go to a forest or monastery? Copyright Claims

Not only with the cloths, got even the place of practicing mistaken these days.

Nowadays, it is so popular to visit some monasteries or forest life style and being alone. Also that kind of life style is the commonly known as “THE CORRECT REAL PRACTICE”… well, these mistaken views ruins the opportunity for many people.

The fear of going to another place and being away with the beloved ones keep many of you away from the subject of Buddhism. And that’s one of the main reason, which Buddhism also just becoming a practice of religion with bundle of rituals.

Because those who interest in Buddhism believe the deep practice is not for them and they have begun something simple. They make sure to keep the deep teachings away from their life as they fear for expected standards.

It is natural that no one like to depart from what they attached, their loving ones… sometimes even though they like to give up their responsibility toward to the family and beloved ones stopped them by doing so.

So upon all of them some preachers or mislead Buddhist practitioners strictly claims that the pure Buddhist practice has to be done alone in a forest by giving up all the material pleasure etc… if one practice with them they believe them as the biggest sinners with wrong practice.

The one who away from the material world and live a poor life style alone doesn’t mean that one is purified with the mind. Even in Samma Sambuddha’s time period the blessed one explained this problem so well. The place you live actually doesn’t matter. It’s the reaction of mind towards them matters the most.

Blessed one used to live the most luxurious temple of all the time and also in the forest with the minimum comforts where no comforts at all sometimes. But that doesn’t matter at all to the Lord Buddha.  

Buddhism is that kind of a practical teaching, which is hugely misunderstood in these days. But going to forest is not a SIN or an obstacle to someone with the correct mind set. It is indeed a good thing. BUT if you are with a mistaken understanding or wrong view there are loads of chances in the forest to mislead the path of nirvana and ruin your whole life.

So don’t be afraid of losing anything on practicing the pure Buddhism. Don’t let you to be away from this beautiful and so practical teachings, just because of bundled of mislead guidance.

Buddhism is NOT something impractical. It’s the most practical thing one can follow without a fear. Because it’s totally based on the mind & mind itself.

To know your own mind, where to go? What to wear? What to eat? What to drink?

So, as you see all these things doesn’t matter at all… It is just a simple understanding and realization about your own mind and then here you go!!!

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