What is with the Rob?

  08 January 2012

What is with the Rob? Copyright Claims

Those who wears rob are the representatives of the Great Samma Sambuddha and Noble Disciples in Rob. They are call Bhikku & Bhikkuni… also call Buddhist Monks & Nuns.

They chose to give up the lay life style. They chose to wear a simple cloth instead of loads of stylish outfits. They chose to beg for the food and accept whatever they get as food instead of tasty various meals. They chose to have a one bowl which can use for various things instead of having various other items for different kind of things. They chose to live a solitude life style instead of tiresome socialization.

It is a difficult life style. But yet… it is indeed so peaceful than the bondage of lay life style.

Do I have to wear a Rob?

There are also lay representatives. So you don’t actually have to worry or fear about this subject.

As for the beginning no you don’t have to. After the final outcome which means once you become an enlightened one yes you will have to. But that’s again something deeper level to talk about and let’s ignore that part for now as the beginning.

So, basically as for the beginning we don’t have to change our cloths or place or other conditions to practice the Buddhism. First thing first! Buddhism is not about what you wear or where you live or other outer condition or state. It’s about exploring your mind & its state no matter where you live or wear or eat or do.

To practice the real Buddhism, you actually don’t have to escape from everything what you currently have as a lay person. It is not necessary to go in to a forest.

Even in Samma Sambuddha’s time period many of them were lay followers. They were with higher achievements. Some achieved the final stage while they die as a lay person. They didn’t even get a chance to wear rob and live the life of monk-hood.

No matter what you wear or where you live as long as you have not cleared your view about the pure dhamma, or the real Buddhism or what enlightenment actually is then you won’t get the results accurately. Instead there are loads of chances that you become cheated by something similar to Nirvana but not the Nirvana!

So, nothing to fear… just explore this beautiful teaching with an open mind… be in touch with the people with dhamma and examine what you hear from them!