Do I have to be brave?

  14 January 2012

Do I have to be brave? Copyright Claims

Unsatisfactory feelings, Restlessness, Stress, Anger, loneliness, sicknesses, failures, addictions, losing the beloved ones, facing to death etc… etc… Whether it is a kid or teen or young or adult or elderly person, westerner or non-westerner, religious or not, these kind of situations are arising as common problem to all.

When I said we all have common problems one of you may not agree with me. If you are westerner, sometimes may think how a middle class Asian should know the problem of ours so it’s useless even to have a look at these web writings.

But, Think wisely… Think deeply… it is true that, the ways we face to different situations in our life are vary from person to person. As a westerner you may be accepting these issue in a different way… as an Asian you may be accepting these situation in your own way… if you are so religious the solution may be depend on your view. If not so religious the facing style will be totally different from a religious person.

Mostly the way we accept all these issues & situations depend on our own life styles & views. But my point is no matter how we accept it, the arising problems are common to each & everyone who doesn't aware of the truth of our own selves.

You cannot ignore the fact of birth or growing or decaying or death… these stages are common to all beings. Even for the non - living things… AND even for the circumstances. There is a beginning for everything. And then a stage covert to the growing stage. And then the peak of it and then start to decay. Then the death or destruction as the final stage. We face loads of up & downs over these stages. Sometimes we fails to face them bravely… sometimes we do… yet the process itself brings loads of depression with few happy moments to remember.  

But, thanks to Buddhist Teachings, the one most important quality we are improving within ourselves is the braveness. You have to be brave. You have to be brave to accept you, as you are!

No matter who you are, just most of the people don’t like to hear the truth. Instead of thinking deeply about it, most of us blaming to the person as a false messenger by knowing that he / she is correct who explore the truth about all of us.

It’s enough of cheating our own self. We have to be brave now. We have to be brave to accept our failures as a human being who doesn’t even know our own self, yet claims to be known so well about own self.

Let’s be honest to our own self! And let’s face the truth of our own self. There is no escaping from yourself anymore.   For that you have to be brave for sure. Because sometimes, it can be so difficult to accept the truth!

From here onward we are going to discuss few things which can be related to us. If we don’t have these issues in our lives, we may not yet actually ready to realize the deep Buddhist teachings or gain the actual benefit of Buddhism! So, Dear friends, be brave!