Do I have to behave first?

  09 January 2012

Do I have to behave first? Copyright Claims

I see this as one of the biggest tragedy happen with the Pure Buddhism.

Even in most of the Buddhist temples they concern about what you wear and how you behave. That purely comes with the lesser understanding of pure Buddhism.

In Lord Buddha’s time various people went to see him. They questioned him and seek answers for their problems. Some were so troubled and ran to the blessed one even without cloths by seeking the answers to their deeply wounded hearts.

In such occasions Lord Buddha didn’t scold them or force them to go away as they were without cloths… instead Lord Buddha supplied some cloths to cover them and given the solutions to their problems and they finally become great enlightened beings.

That’s how it works BUT again that doesn’t mean that we should go to the Buddhist temple or other religious places or meet the Buddhist monks or nuns or other religious followers without cloths. Because nowadays you can’t find Lord Buddha in the temples who simply provide a cloth to cover and solve your problem. Instead you may be get in to loads of new troubles in many ways.

There you might meet beings who trying to discipline their minds from all these desires, hatred & ignorance. So it’s not a good thing to mess up their minds too. Also not a wise thing to collect more troubles to your profile.

It’s just an example to say that what you wearing doesn’t matter to follow the Buddhism.  It’s purely the understanding… the understanding itself guide you to change the outer appearances accordingly. That’s not something has to be done forcefully at the beginning.

Expecting to talk nicely & slowly, walk slowly & nicely… all these are nothing but a view comes from the defile minds which are not purely cured yet. Simply expecting someone else is to behave as the way we want is a decision of a defile mind which is not yet aware of the truth!

So, as a person who see this simple fact I wouldn’t encourage you to behave well before you browse Buddhist site. This is a place where I accept you as the way you are … and then let’s discuss… you make your own decision wisely! That’s it!

That’s how practical and simple this Buddhism is!